Integrating in a country that does not exist

All newcomers in Holland have to pass the Dutch integration course. Arieke found out that images and videos from this course have not been updated since 1970 and contain outdated services and stigmatizing images. Where the course was once intended to help newcomers on their way it is now used to confuse and exclude people. 

'Nederl-anders' is a collection of progressive sounds from people who want the Dutch integration course to be ‘anders’ (different). The project led to various publications which influenced the public opinion and made the Dutch parliament decide to update the Dutch integration course to the 21st century.

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Bronze - Dutch Creativity Awards - ADCN, side-project (2019)
Gold - Villa Media Graduation Award for journalistic talent (2019)
Gold - Maaskant Award for being a Creative Pionier (2018)
Silver - WDKA Research & Publishing Award (2018)

2018: Exhibition ELIA Biennial Conference
2018: National Newspaper (AD) - Reportage
2018: OneWorld Magazine - Research publication
2018: Radio 1 - Radio interview
2018: Eva Jinek - Dutch Television
2018: Radio interview for radio program ‘De Late Avond’ -
Broadcasted on 14 local radio stations